Leouna Aal Seha produced by Propaganda

Again and for its 5th year, Propaganda proudly presents ‘Leouna Aal Seha’ Tv show filmed this year in Ras el Dekweneh airport field.

Propaganda production house, known by its high professional work, provides you the best content and challenges program.

With more than 50 professional crew team, 11 cameras, 70 games, 9000 props and 70000 participants on set in 20 episodes, the show is based on traditional Lebanese games challenges that will lead us to 1 village winner in a big national championship.




Leouna Aal Seha

أجمل قصور العرب

لطالما كان العرب رواداً في المعرفة، الفنون، العلوم، الذوق، الإبداع والكرم.

لا عجب أن تكون ثلاث من عجائب العالم القديم السبع من صناعة العرب وهي الحدائق المعلقة، الأهرام ومنارة الإسكندرية بالإضافة الى برج بابل والقلاع العسكرية والأماكن الدينية.

مع تطور البشرية والإنفتاح على التكنولوجيا والعلم، تطورت معها الهندسة والعمران. فكما تميز العرب سابقاً، ما زال الإبداع والذوق يتطور وينتجون تحف عمرانيى ومنشآت مميزة وأماكن تشبه الجنة على الأرض.

لذلك توجهنا لإكتشاف أهم القصور الذي بناها العرب خلال آخر عقدين من الزمن. سوف نضيء على ضخامتها، طرازها، فنونها وأثاثها، حدائقها وباحاتها، تاريخ وقصة بنائها، مالكها ومهندسها.




1 Mission , THIS IS HOW WE DO IT , Beirut , Dubai We Gonna Rock Your World

3ish mondial was a tv show filmed for the occasion of the 2010 world cup championship.
Aired for a whole month on OTV channel, directed By Gino Aoun, presented by Rony Mhanna and Ghina Amiouny.
The program consisted on a daily news of the world cup, with a lot on interviews with the most VIP Lebanese articts to give us their opinion about the games and cheering their team.
The show was filmed in Michel Murr stadium and was organized by 7 Events company. 



21% of the Lebanese people in the world live in Lebanon whereas the rest 79% are emigrants.
Our first aim is to put the light on this 79% and connect all the Lebanese all over the world and show their cultures and their way of life abroad which will rebuild the link between them and give all the Lebanese out there our full care.
We are also interested in showing the Lebanese families in Lebanon their emigrant families and friends.
As well, we will be showing great achievements of Lebanese personals outside Lebanon and people that are prominent in these fields: Agriculture, Politics, Construction, Industry, Media, Resorts, Arts, Religion and Education… We will also be interviewing their extended Lebanese community that resides in Lebanon; from their families to their friends.





Propaganda in Nigeria preparing the filming

Sweden Project

Australia Project