Gino Aoun

CEO & Director

Gino Aoun is a Lebanese talented director, in his archive more than 500 episodes on TV air times, with over 600 hours on many Lebanese channels. Begin his career with his short movie “Al Zammour Al Moutakatih” who was banned by the General Security but still was broadcasted in many theatres and sold thousands of copy.

He began his career in many production companies such as Signature, Forward Film Production, Tania Production, Virgin, Studio Vision, Eye vision, Rolling Film House, Film and co… After, he switched to TV channels:  Future TV, Rotana TV, New Tv, Dubai Tv and OTv. After being a segment director in “Nataloo” and “Ghanne maa Ghassan” he directed the first hit program “3ish Beirut” on OTV, for more than 6 seasons, this show was a brilliant idea and a new concept and was the leader show of its kind. And the shows persuaded “Aks Seir” “3ish Mondial” and the master piece program “Leouna Aal Seha” who turned all over Lebanon in 4 seasons that made all the people wait for it with over 400.000 on ground participants. Created the most extreme sports show ever on Lebanese channels “The Challenger” on OTV.  And now is preparing the biggest TV show about Lebanese emigrants worldwide, and already filmed 3 countries Australia, Sweden and Nigeria. He is known to be Director and Producer in many of his TV shows.

Other than TV, he directed many documentaries such as “Hmeis” and “Lebanese School of Nigeria” and has many advertising and corporate work for international companies such as Red Bull, Bledina, Tommy Hilfiger, ABC, IFP, AUB and much more. In 2009 he founded his first production house company “Propaganda” based in Beirut and in 2013 became a shareholder partner in “Overview Production” a company specialized in corporate, festivals filming’s and renting technical materiel.





 Leouna Aal Seha



 Leouna Aal Seha is a traditional massive interaction TV show, produced by Otv and presented in the first season by Youssef el Khal and Nada Abou Farhat and in the 3 other seasons Youssef Haddad and Karen Der Kaloustian. For 4 seasons this show turned 180 Lebanese villages making a competition between them, in many traditional games, to achieve the goal of being the champions. It was directed and executive produced by Gino Aoun.





 3ish Beirut



 1st of its kind concept in Lebanon, 3ish Beirut turns into the Lebanese nightlife to make tourism advertising to the country and the hot spot in it. Moving from a Night club to a pub then to a restaurant, anchor Steffi Faysal made us visits the true ambience of each place and the people mood. The last season was presented by 4 anchors from 4 different countries which are Joanna Bevitch from Serbia, Diana Wang Bou Dakka from China, Adelie Sornin from France and Sady Geagea from Lebanon. In this season the show entered to Europe and filmed some of its number 1 nightlife places.








 The Challenger



 In the hardest location in the Lebanese nature was filmed “The Challenger”. An extreme adventure program, presented by Tony Issa, and 64 participants competed to win the challenge. The show highlighted on the rivers, caves, mountains, plains, sea, forests, desert and valleys of Lebanon, to make him a touristic show in the same time. It was directed and executive produced by Gino Aoun.





 Lebanese Emigrants Show



 Because Lebanon contains 4 million inhabitant and 12 million emigrants, was created this show. With purpose to visit those people who left their countries for different reasons and in different period. Propaganda team travelled to Australia, Sweden and Nigeria and filmed a real TV show and the way those people are living, working, building their work, having families and their link towards their mother country.